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Is Windshield Repair Expensive

Not at all, the cost to repair your windshield is far less than a replacement!
Not only is it less expensive than a replacement, it can sometimes be completely covered by your insurance company. Most service providers in our database may be listed as a preferred shop with your insurance company which could result in a repair being completely paid for by your insurance. To get started, simply use the form below to find and speak to a qualified auto glass repair tech now.

Warning: 2 Types of glass repair companies to avoid!

Do you know about Glass Claims Harvesters and Pit Chasers?
Many people believe that repair is just a way auto glass companies make money off of your insurance company. Some windshield repair company uses a strange tool that supposedly repairs small chips and cracks in your windshield. They then charge $50 dollars for a mere two minutes of work. This is what causes many people to assume glass repair companies are untrustworthy and unreliable. The truth is there are many reputable windshield repair companies that can and will save you money.

There are also windshield repair technicians that will try to convince you to replace your windshield when the chip is nothing more than a surface pit. In the windshield repair industry these types of companies are called "pit chasers" and give reliable windshield repair companies a bad reputation. Pit chasers search for any surface pit on your windshield and charge you to repair it even though it will never crack any further without a repair. Remember, if you cannot see a black air pocket in the damaged area more than likely it doesn't need to be repaired.

“Glass claim harvesters” have a similar practice to “pit chasers” in that they try to convince you to purchase services that are not needed. Professional glass claim harvesters can be found in areas where there are no deductibles for complete windshield replacements. Harvesters will approach vehicle owners, inspect their front windshield and offer to fix or replace it for free whether or not the glass is damaged. A glass claim harvester will then convince you that your windshield is sandblasted and needs to be replaced or if they find a chip, they will start the windshield repair process and apply too much pressure. This will cause the chip to crack and the windshield will be ruined. Now the customer has no choice but to purchase a complete replacement. By changing the invoice from a repair invoice to a complete replacement invoice ultimately increases the profits of the shop filing the claim and performing the work.

Please note, this site does not allow pit chasers or glass claims harvesters to be a part of our network. We pride ourselves in having reputable and reliable companies on the site that want to help people. Please let us know if you use a shop on our site that tries to perform any of these scams so we can investigate and remove them.

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  • Services Include:
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