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5 Windshield Replacement Questions

Warning: Answering YES to the 5 Questions below means you might need a windshield!
Your front windshield is important for keeping you safe and your field of vision clear. It also acts as a major safety device during the event of a rollover accident. Keeping your vehicle safe is a top priority when researching windshields. There are different levels of windshields to choose from and not all meet the manufacturer recommended safety specifications. The following will help in your search for the best windshield replacement cost.

The different types of glass include OEM or original equipment manufacturer, factory recommended replacement glass and aftermarket glass. OEM is the glass that is installed at the plant where your vehicle is built and is installed under perfect environmental conditions. Factory recommended replacement glass has the same specifications as OEM and is the next best choice to OEM when trying to save money. This is because it is up to factory standards but is not installed in perfect environmental conditions. Aftermarket is glass that generally doesn’t meet the recommended specifications. In my opinion it is not the safest glass to purchase and install on your vehicle. Insurance companies usually will not pay to have aftermarket glass installed on a vehicle.

If you have damage in the form of stars, cracks or chips on your windshield and need clarification as to whether the damage warrants a complete replacement, I would recommend contacting either your insurance company or stopping by any local auto glass service center. From my experience though, many service centers will suggest that a crack in the windshield be repaired as long as the length of the crack is less than the size of a dollar bill, whereas most insurance companies generally recommend a complete replacement if there is any type of damage to the front windshield.

Here is a list of quality questions that are generally considered by glass centers when deciding on whether or not to replace your windshield when there’s damage.

  • Does the crack appear in the direct line of site for the driver?
  • Does the crack run to the outside edge of the glass?
  • Is the damage to the larger than the size of a dollar bill in length?
  • Is the damage missing any surface glass?
  • Is the damage larger in diameter than a quarter?
Most companies will tell you that you need a complete front windshield replacement for any question above that you answer with a yes.

Auto Glass Locator's recommendation would be to have your front windshield replaced if there is any type of noticeable damage so that the safety of your vehicle is restored to it’s recommended manufacturer safety specifications.

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