Repairing or Replacing Your Honda Windshield

Choosing the Proper Glass Type for your Honda Windshield Replacement

As many drivers can testify, having a damaged windshield is quite worrisome as it can heavily compromise their safety. In a lot of cases, drivers prefer to go for a full replacement rather than a repair when their windshield is damaged beyond redemption. If you are in need of Honda windshield replacement service, then perhaps the first thing you should do is know which type of glass you are going to need.

There are three primary types of glass with which you should get familiarized with: Dealer Auto Glass, OEM Auto Glass and Aftermarket Auto Glass. While the first two are virtually identical in every way, except for the fact that OEM Auto Glass is made by a variety of different manufacturers while the Dealer Auto Glass is made the vehicle manufacturer. The Aftermarket Auto Glass on the other hand is much cheaper than the two previous options seeing as how it is made by companies who do not have the rights to make auto glass with the same specs as the original distributor; the various windshields in this category mostly vary in their thickness.

Is Repairing your Honda Windshield Worth it?

If like many people you are unsure as to whether you need a repair or a replacement, then all you need to do is follow a simple rule: if the crack is longer than a dollar bill, then you should go for a replacement. In any case, you can always ask an expert at an auto glass shop for their advice.

The reasoning behind this dollar bill length standard is the fact that most Honda windshields will not be restored to their full integrity if the crack is larger than the standard. On the other hand, most cars which have smaller cracks can be restored to  100% , and naturally the procedure will cost you less money and time than a complete replacement, which could end up costing you more than $500 in some auto glass shops.

Honda Windshield Replacement or Repair and your Insurance

Of course, last but not least, there is also the question of how much all of this will cost, and more importantly, whether or not the insurance will cover it.

When it comes to the cost itself, it is impossible to choose a number which would apply to everyone, seeing  as how the amount of work which needs to be done and the chosen auto glass shop are factors which are difficult to account for.

However, if you have full coverage insurance then chances are that you are going to be eligible for a “no cost to you” repair, which means that your insurance company will cover the cost of the whole thing; you should take a thorough look through the benefits offered by your insurance to see if you qualify.

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