Windshield Repair Insurance Coverage

Amount of Coverage:
If you have full coverage insurance on your car then you may actually qualify for a "no cost to you" windshield repair as a part of your insurance policy. Notice that it does not say "free windshield repair." Free windshield repair would imply that no payment is made from anyone for the service. If your insurance company is paying for the windshield repair then it is not free. Most people are unaware that their insurance company will cover the cost of a windshield repair since insurance companies usually include it in the fine print. Windshield repair companies will contact your insurance network prior to repairing the windshield to insure you have proper coverage and that there will be "no cost to you."

Specialty windshield repair deductible:
Your deductible may be $500 or $1000 which would make it seem pointless to get your windshield repaired through your insurance. However, most insurance companies will waive the deductible for windshield repair allowing you to get the repairs you need without being forced to spend money.

A "no penalty" windshield repair policy:
Windshield repair claims are so minimal that they may not be included in the process of rate revisions performed by your insurance company.

Quick and easy access:
Since windshield repair is such a minimal claim and there are so many windshield repair companies, you may be able to make a claim without having to meet with an insurance adjuster or even make your claim entirely through your windshield repair provider.

How to find out if you have Auto Glass Insurance Coverage:
Ask your auto insurance agent. Most auto insurance providers won't tell you about your windshield repair coverage in hopes that fewer claims filed will be better for their business. Make sure you read your policy completely and talk with your insurance agent to learn exactly what your options are for getting a windshield repair. You will be able to find information pertaining to windshield repair coverage in the comprehensive section of your policy.

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